Lionel Messi Unblocks Miss BumBum On Social Media And She Celebrates In Style. Photos


Former Miss BumBum Suzy Cortez has left little to the imagination after Lionel Messi finally unblocked her on Instagram. The Argentina legend was forced to block her on the social media site after she bombarded him with saucy pictures.

But now the Brazilian model, who won the Miss BumBum crown in 2015, has been given the green light to show her affection for the Barca man once again following an online campaign.

Cortez thanked fans for supporting her #UnBlockMeMessi campaign and celebrated by posting a near-the-knuckle photo of her wearing a Barcelona shirt and a teeny-tiny thong.

Suzy Cortez and Lionel Messi with Wife

In the image, Cortez points her curvy derriere at the camera while proudly showing off Messi’s name on the back of her shirt.

She accompanied the photo with the message: “Today is a very happy day for a Barcelona fanatic like me.

“Thank you Lionel Messi for unblocking me here on Instagram. I would like to thank everyone who helped me with my campaign.”

Before she was unblocked, Cortez told Playboy Mexico that she never meant to cause the Messi household any problems, saying: “It was never my intention to bother him, it was only meant as a tribute.”

Cortez is a huge football fan and showed her support for Brazil and Argentina during the World Cup by posing in nothing but skimpy outfits.

She has a remarkable 1.4million followers on Instagram and is not shy in keeping them entertained.

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