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Women are petty, they are nagging, they are sophisticated and a whole lot of other things. We have heard it all.

But honestly, women are the easiest people to deal with only if you understand what they want. In relationships particularly, you must know what your woman wants and what she needs.

Unlike men, even the very little things mean the world to women. As such, what you think is silly or absurd might be actually something she is really fond of.

Check out some of these seemingly little things but they really mean a lot to women:

1. Speak out your feelings and opinions

Communicating your feelings and thoughts really matter to that woman who loves you. It sucks when you say nothing especially if she can tell that something is bothering you. If you love her, you got to trust her enough to open up your feelings to her.

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2. Forgetting


Listen keenly to avoid forgetting (Buoy Health


How many times does she have to remind you that the door knob needs to be fixed? Clearly, it shows lack of commitment when you have to be reminded to do something every day and you forget it over and over again.

3. Cleanliness

Ooh this is not really important? So you think. If she complains about your personal hygiene or your messy house every time, she is not being petty. She is only concerned about your wellbeing and wishes that you could tidy up a little bit.

4. Listen to her


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When she speaks to you, can you just pause what you are doing and listen? Men have a tendency of assuming that they are listening when we all know they are the poorest at serving two masters.

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5. Give her space

She needs your attention yes, but she needs her space as well. Sometimes all she needs is some time alone to clean up or go shopping with her girls. Not that she is trying to avoid you but too much of your presence can be a bother at times.

6. Tell her you love her

This you should never forget to remind her. It may not seem so important to you but believe you me, it means the world to her.

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