Man Clashed With Lady Over Seat On A Plane, But They Are Now Dating 3 Years After.


A 27-year-old student fell for a woman who accused him of sitting in her seat on an easyJet flight three years and now they live together after he found her on Facebook.

Adaya Cohen, 24, thought Michael Hoffman, 27, had taken her window seat on a flight from London to Tel Aviv, Israel. When she asked him to move they got talking – and sparks flew.

After saying goodbye five hours later, Michael couldn’t get Adaya out of his mind – and tracked her down on Facebook and invited her out for sushi a few days later.

Now living together in London, three years after falling in love at first flight back in September 2015, Adaya confessed: “I felt like we really hit it off and was a bit disappointed when he didn’t ask for my number before we landed.

“I thought he just wasn’t interested, or maybe he had a girlfriend. When I got the message a few days later, I said yes straight away. “It’s so strange to have such a connection with someone you’ve known for just a few hours.”

When they met, Adaya and Michael were both studying in Israel – her in Tel Aviv, where they were flying back to ahead of the new term, and him about an hour away at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.

Adaya – who was flying with her brother but sitting separately – grew up in Israel but has family in the UK. Michael, on the other hand – who was travelling alone – had grown up in the UK but moved to Israel in 2010.

Adaya explained: “My brother was in the same row on the plane, but on the opposite side. He was sat by the window and I thought I had a window seat, too, but there was a guy already sat there. “I said, ‘Excuse me, that’s my seat,’ but he explained that I’d got a bit confused. There was a girl in between us and when I sat down, we all continued the conversation.”

They hit it off so well that the girl in the middle assumed Adaya and Michael knew each other and offered to swap seats so they could be together.

Hoping as they came in to land that Michael would ask for her number, Adaya assumed she would never see him again when he didn’t.

After two years of living in separate cities, Adaya and Michael decided to take the leap and move to London together to study for their respective masters degrees.

Now having finished their studies, Adaya is working as a junior video editor and Michael is applying for jobs in London.

Culled from The SunUK

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