Married Couple Of 9 Years Invite Another Woman To Join Their Relationship. See Why.


A married couple of nine years have revealed why they invited another woman to join their relationship. Self-employed sports analytic Mike, 40, and special education teacher Kristina Green, 34, had been married for eight years when they decided to look for a girlfriend.

The couple from Pennsylvania, USA, met therapist Ashley Sweet, who was married at the time but openly dating other people, through mutual friends at a social event.

And they have now officially been a throuple for 10 months – despite some of their family members not approving of their unconventional relationship and receiving “looks of disdain” when they are out and about.

Ashley, 31, said: “Polyamory is about being open to more. More love, more partners, more experiences.

“Society is largely centred around monogamy, this idea that there is only one ‘person’ for you.

“But what if there’s more than one? Why should we limit ourselves because of a social rule?

“Having more than one partner means I see the world through my gaze, his gaze, and hers.

“My understanding of the world and what it has to offer is vastly expanded by being open to loving and sharing with more than one amazing person.”

She added: “Our relationship works through open and honest communication, respect and consideration for one another’s feelings and thoughts, and a willingness to compromise for the best interests of all.

“For a polyamorous relationship, we have to work harder on those things, because there are more needs, wants, feelings, thoughts and input at any given time.

“We are also all unique and different, and so rather than having to consider one partner’s needs and differences, we consider two.

“Occasionally one of us is on one side and another is on the opposite side of the issue at hand, and the need for respect and compromise becomes more important.”

The three instantly clicked and started to date on a casual basis before Mike and Kristina asked Ashley to officially form a triad as they had fallen in love with her.

Ashley and her husband separated as of July this year for reasons unrelated to their polyamorous lifestyle, with him always being supportive of her relationship with Mike and Kristina.

Kristina, Mike and Ashley have three children between them who they raise together – aged 11, seven and seven.

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