Miss Iron Bum Flaunts Her Incredible Physique. See Shocking Photos



A fitness fanatic once teased over her ‘skinny’ frame has revealed how she overhauled her physique to be nicknamed Miss Iron Bum by her legion of fans.

Bakhar Nabieva, from Dnipropetrovsk, western Ukraine, is taking Instagram by storm with her otherworldly looks and eye-popping workouts which are filmed exclusively from behind.

Originally from Azerbaijan, the fitness model is instantly recognisable thanks to her killer thighs, buns of steel and black pupils, which she achieves with dark contact lenses.

A slave to her workout regime, the 22-year-old’s mantra is: ‘My goals don’t stop for anyone. Either you support me or I make it happen alone, either way it’s going to happen.’

But it’s Bakhar’s alternative take on fitness photos and workout videos – filmed exclusively from behind – that have won her the most attention and an army of fans.

She has been labelled ‘Miss Iron Bum’ by some, while others have labelled her a ‘goddess’ for her rock solid physique and strong thighs.

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