Mother names her triplets ‘Avanza’ after giving birth inside a Toyota Avanza

A couple in Serang, Banten, Indonesia,�turned to a car brand to name their three newborn daughters after the mother delivered the babies inside a Toyota Avanza on the way to the hospital.

The couple, Azri Prihatna and�Mumun Muafiyah,�said Avanza was a meaningful name.”It [Avanza] means progress or advance. This is a reminder [for us]. Hopefully, they can grow to be healthy, intelligent and useful human beings,” Prihatna said on Tuesday.

The triplets — Nazrina Khaira Avanza, Nazrina Haura Avanza and Nazrina Khaula Avanza — were born on Aug. 27 with the help of a relative who accompanied the couple on their way to a hospital in Cilegon, located 25 kilometers from their home.
Earlier that day the mother, Mumun Muafiyah, felt discomfort in her abdomen three weeks shy of the due date.
They rushed to the hospital, but after driving 5 km, Mumun went into labor and gave birth to the first triplet while her husband made a U-turn and headed to the nearest clinic in Pulo Ampel, Serang.But, within 10 minutes the two other babies were born

Mumun and the triplets arrived at the clinic safely and were declared healthy by the midwife.
“No one expected [there to be a third baby] because the ultrasound scans had only shown twins. We are so excited,” Azri said. -�
Source:The Jakarta Post/Asia News Network

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