#MourinhoOut Trends Online As Manchester United Lose 3-1 To West Ham.


Manchester United fans want their manager Jose Mourinho out following the lamentable 3-1 loss to West Ham United on Saturday.

Jose Mourinho’s men found themselves 2-0 down at half-time against West Ham and had no one to blame but themselves.

United had the opportunity of putting behind them the recent poor form as well as all the noise surrounding Paul Pogba and his manager’s relationship.

Unfortunately there’s now even more pressure on the club as things go from bad to worse at a frightening pace.

Supporters are right to be concerned that it’s all a replication of Mourinho’s shocking season with Chelsea a few campaigns ago.

Even those who wished for Jose to succeed at Old Trafford are starting to turn on him, hoping to see him out as soon as possible.

It’s difficult to continue supporting the manager as things continue to fall apart all around him with him hardly being absolved of blame.

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