Mum dances alone in nightclub hours before murder (Video)


Chilling video shows a mum dancing alone in a nightclub just a short time before she met the man who would kill her just hours later. Charlotte Teeling is seen dancing in empty Priva nightclub in Birmingham City Centre in CCTV released after her ‘sex-crazed’ killer was jailed for 29 years. Richard Bailey, 41, strangled the 33-year-old mum to death during what he claimed was ‘rough sex’ in his bedsite on Cooksey Lane, Kingstanding.

She suffered catastrophic injuries to her neck and mouth and sustained a bone fracture near to the base of her tongue, a post-mortem revealed. Bailey has used ‘significant force’ in the killing, then scattered pornography around her body and left her naked on the bed.

She was discovered during a police raid one week later. Several video recordings have since been released by West Midlands Police documenting the hours leading up to Charlotte’s death. The moment she arrived at the club to her final steps into Bailey’s flat were caught on CCTV around Birmingham. Charlotte had been at the Priva nightclub alone for more than two hours before her death.

CCTV capturing Charlotte Teeling and murderer Richard Bailey walking hand in hand on the night of her death

CCTV footage from inside the shop showed how they met near a freezer section of the shop, with Bailey swigging a bottle of beer from inside his jacket as he spoke to her. The pair kissed several times inside the shop before leaving at 6.18am and getting into a taxi back to his flat. Bailey was seen holding his victim’s hand as he lured her into the car in CCTV outside the shop. They were later caught on camera kissing once more as they stopped off mid-journey to get cash out.

Charlotte was filmed making a call to a man believed to be a drug dealer, jurors at Bailey’s trial heard. The pair are understood to have bought £40 worth of crack cocaine before finally arriving at Bailey’s flat at around 7.08am where they were also filmed on CCTV. It is believed she Charlotte was brutally killed between 9.30am and 11.30am that morning. That night, as Charlotte lay dead in his bedroom, Bailey used her bank card to buy chicken at a nearby takeaway.


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