No more excuses: See the 111 year old man who hits the gym every day


Henry is 111 years old and still works out every single day. Each morning he pedals on a recumbent exercise bike for exactly half an hour, does yoga poses while sitting in his wheelchair, or squeezes stress balls to strengthen his grip. In his 90s he used to do an aerobics class each morning at six, and could still do yoga poses and headstands. His daughter, Linda Hsia, told Daily Mail Online that her dad has always exercised, joining the YMCA gym in 1978. He’s always lived a healthy lifestyle, enjoying swimming and sports in his youth and refusing to drink or smoke.

When Henry lived in Hong Kong he learned daily yoga moves from an instructor who came to his house. He kept up the habit even when he moved to Los Angeles in 1975. Of course, a solid exercise routine needs to go with a healthy diet – and Henry’s got that covered. For breakfast he has two soft-boiled eggs, half a grapefruit, half a banana, bread with butter and jam, and half a bowl of cereal or oatmeal. He washes it all down with a cup of coffee and a glass of orange juice.

He’ll pop out for lunch, taking his pick from Chinese, Italian, or Mexican food, and sometimes treats himself to McDonald’s. For dinner it’s baked chicken, ground beef, pulled pork, omelettes, or soup.

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