now You’re Interested Without Making The First Move


Not every woman feels brave enough to shoot their shot especially when they are just not sure if they will be rejected.

Keep in mind that there are ways to let him know you’re interested without actually being the one to ask him out. Check out some tips for letting him know you’re available.

Be available

Yeah, sometimes it’s that simple. You cannot be in a bad relationship and expect your crush to make a move and sweep you off your feet. You also can’t be fooling around with your friends with benefits hoping the one you want will notice you. Not all guys are cool with ‘snatching ‘ a girl from some other man. So, if you want him to approach you, make sure you’re single.

let him know you're interested

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Reciprocate his efforts

You don’t have to be the one to call first, but if you want to let him know you’re interested, don’t be afraid to initiate contact sometimes. He’s more likely to keep texting if you return his texts. And he will continue calling if you return his calls.

Show interest in him

Ask about his day, remember little things about him that you can bring up later. It’s a subtle way of letting him know that he matters to you.

let him know you're interested


Share your own interest

You should also give him some insights into your life as well. The more you tell him about yourself, the better he knows you. And he will soon come to the conclusion that you are sharing because you trust him.

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