Over 20 Africans Nabbed In A Small Car In Failed Smuggling Attempt. Photos



This shows the extent Africans are willing to go in the quest for greener pastures abroad. A shocking video which is currently trending online – shows the moment over 20 African migrants were caught in a small vehicle while trying to be smuggled into one of the countries in Europe.

The Africans including ladies who packed themselves in the small vehicle like sardines – were stopped by soldiers at a border as they ordered all the occupants to come out.

Even the security operatives were surprised by the number of migrants that came out from both inside the car and the booth.

This is not the first time Africans are hiding themselves in a vehicle in a bid to enter an European country.

Some time ago, four Africans were found hidden in a secret boot, engine bay and dashboard of a BMW at Spain’s border with Morocco.

The driver sped past police at the Beni-Enzar crossing in Melilla, one of Spain’s two north African enclaves, then abandoned the vehicle at a petrol station and fled.

Police examined the car and found two men in the boot and another curled up under the bonnet. A woman was hidden in the dashboard. They were not harmed during their journey and have been detained while their cases are assessed.

Watch the viral video below; 

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