Pervert Breaks Into Girl’s Room And Performs Sex Act While She Was Sleeping. Photos


A nude man broke into a home where a 13-year-old girl was sleeping – then sneaked upstairs into her bedroom. The unclothed man was caught on camera as he entered the house and went upstairs to perform a sex act on himself in the early morning hours of August 30.

The girl woke up and screamed before the suspect ran out.

Jonathan Ward, dubbed the “naked intruder”, has been arrested and is being held on a million dollars bail in Fontana, California, Fox News 11 reports.

Police identified the 21-year-old and arrested him later that night on lewd conduct and other charges at his family’s home, 1.6 miles from the alleged intrusion.

Ward was a suspect in the exact same type of crime a year earlier and in fact, was in court the very morning of the naked break in, dealing with that old case.

This time, he was arrested and his bail, because of the prior allegation, was ‘enhanced’ to $1million dollars.

A neighbour also claimed Ward had come to her house but never made it inside because of locked doors and a dog.

Police say the suspect identified teen girls at a local dance studio and then stalked them on social media to track their movements.

The police report stated: “Ward would often enter the rear yards of the victim’s residence and on occasion, enter their homes when he would find an unlocked door.”

He was charged with suspicion of burglary, child annoyance and indecent exposure.

Police suspect there may be other victims who have not yet reported the crimes and urge them to come forward.

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