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Relationship trends are everywhere these days. Social media is flooded with different couples serving us relationship goals and showing how much they love their partners. It’s clearly gotten to a stage where we need to let you  know what’s right and what’s wrong. We’ll start with what’s wrong though.

Here are a few relationship trends that you should never follow:

1. Cyber-stalking

We’re not saying you can’t check up on them but if you try to FaceTime them 100 times a day, DM them over and over again or leave 10 comments on each Facebook post, then you’re definitely crossing the line.

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2. Ghosting

If you don’t want to see someone anymore please let them know upfront. Nothing stings more than having your messages ignored. Stopping all forms of communication with a person without telling him you’re not interested is unfair.

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3. Situationship

This relationship trend basically means being in an undefined relationship. It means you have feelings for each other and are intimate but you’ve not yet answered the “what are we doing?” question. Situationships are all cool until you start to expect more than has been promised. A “friends with benefits” arrangement is an example of a situationship. If you’re sure you can handle this, then sure by all means go ahead, but if not, stay away from this trend.

Are there any other relationship trends you think should go out the door? Let us know in the comments section.


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