See The Reply Given To A British Man Who Said He Met A Nigerian Girl Online.


Here’s the reply given to a British man who reportedly revealed he met a young Nigerian girl online and can’t wait for her to come and live with him. According to a report, the mail was sent to relationship expert, Deidre Sanders.

Read the report below by Deidre Sanders (courtesy of The SunUK).

DEAR DEIDRE:  I have been chatting online to a woman from Nigeria. She’s nearly 40 years younger than me but we’ve got so much in ­common. She is willing to leave all her friends and her family to be here with me.

I know it sounds hard to believe. I’m a young 69 and she’s 31. She is so caring and kind with a beautiful face.

We’ve exchanged our life stories and I’ve told her my age but she says it doesn’t matter and she loves me. She wants to come over and live with me here.

Am I being a fool to believe in her love?

DEIDRE SAYS:  Maybe a little naive.

I’m sorry to say this woman is very unlikely to be what she seems.

She may not be a woman at all but someone getting as much personal information from you as possible to steal your identity.

Don’t send any money, whatever you do. Report this scam to Action Fraud.


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