See The US Female Secret Service Agent Protecting Buhari In New York. Photos


Nigeria’s president, Muhammadu Buhari, is currently in New York for the 73rd Session of United Nations General Assembly (UNGA73) which officially opened September 18, 2018. On arrival to the country, the president was assigned a US female secret service agent to protect him throughout his stay (as it has been during his previous visits).

The US secret service agent compliments the work of the president’s security aides whose duty is also to protect their leader.

The United States has the responsibility under international law to protect visiting foreign dignitaries and resident foreign diplomats in this country. There is an equally serious obligation to protect foreign missions in Washington, New York, and other cities in the United States.

Unlike some other nations that use a single protective force, visiting foreign dignitaries/diplomats and foreign missions in the United States are protected by a wide variety of local, state, and federal organizations.

Traveling foreign dignitaries are usually protected by the Secret Service or Department of State.

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