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If you’ve ever wondered why sugar mummies loved younger guys then you’re not alone. But one thing we can agree on is that the benefits of dating a younger man are truly there. If you’re in doubt check the 60-year-old sugar mummies still living life like they’re 30.

So what are the benefits of dating a younger man

dating a younger man

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1. You’re the focus of the relationship

Younger men have fewer responsibilities, so they have more time to focus on you. By the time he starts having responsibilities, things tend to balance out between the two of you.

2. They infect you with their youth

They vigor is very infectious, you get more laughs and more fun with them. They are also not so serious and calculative about everything, so it’s refreshing.

3. They are willing to take more risks

Since they have fewer responsibilities and experience in life, they are a lot more willing to take risks. This keeps things a lot more interesting in the relationship.

dating a younger man

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4. Willing to compromise

They aren’t usually set in their ways so they are easier to reason with. Getting to compromises comes easily to younger men and they’re more flexible about life.

5. Sexual stamina and energy

Younger men are obviously more active in bed and are willing to experiment so you get to feel younger. Plus more fun ways to have sex too.

dating a younger man

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6. You hold the power

The fact that you’re older makes him respect you and automatically look to you for leadership. So you hold the reins in the relationship and have more control over it.

So maybe it’s time to give that younger hot stuff asking you out your number, he might amaze you. Speaking of which, see everything you need to know about dating a broke guy.

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