The Right Way To Date If You Want A Lasting Relationship


If you don’t know the right way to date, dating can feel like a lot of stress. You end up giving up on finding love because it feels so hard. But with proper dating rules, every woman can find true love and happily ever after. You just need to change your perspective.

This is the right way to date

the right way to date

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Know yourself

Understanding who you are as a person and knowing how much value you place on yourself. This is the first step to finding and keeping the right man. If you don’t know yourself and know your worth, you can’t expect a man to. Men see a reflection of what you see in yourself.

Know what you want

Knowing yourself means you also know what you can or can’t deal with. Every time you meet a man you should have it in mind that your job is to observe. Get to know him and then decide if this is what you want in a partner. But it’s a two-way street because he is also observing and getting to know if you’re what he wants.

Keep your options open

Most people think this is being loose, but it’s not. Investing your time and emotions in a guy without a commitment from him is not wise. It also stops you from seeing what’s out there and what you might be missing. The plus side is if he knows he has competition, he’ll bring his “A” game.

the right way to date

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Practice the 5+5 rule

5+5=10. This rule is simple, to get a 10 in a man he must be willing to put in the effort. Women tend to lower their standards when they like a guy and overlook his mistakes. These are the same mistakes we won’t overlook if we didn’t already like him.

Don’t idealise

It is easy to project your fantasy on a guy when you like him. This means you see the qualities you like in them and start dreaming of happily ever after. Except you didn’t consider the fact that he might not feel the same way.

You need to stick to your rules of dating in every scenario, whether you like the guy or not. Have your dating rule book and stick to it. Speaking of which, these are the rules of online dating you should really understand.

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