These Signs Will Tell You If He Is Flirting


Is he flirting or just being nice? This is one question most of us have in our head when we talk to a guy. It’s easy to mix up the signals and get excited over a guy then later realize he was just being nice to you. So how exactly do you tell the difference?

So really, is he flirting or just being nice?

is he flirting or just being nice

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What kind of conversations do you have?

Does the conversation with him border around things you’ll do together in future? if a guy likes you he’ll run all his plans by you to see your opinion. This is usually to get a feel of where you stand on the future.

Does he tease you and make fun of you?

There’s this saying about guys who like you looking for your trouble the most. He might not outright pull your hair or anything, but he’ll tease and make fun of you as much as he can.

is he flirting or just being nice

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Does he make physical contact even when he doesn’t have to?

Slight hand holding, or just touching or squeezing you when he’s getting up to go somewhere. He will also always make lasting eye contact with you even across a room just so you know he’s thinking of you.

Does he talk about other girls in front of you?

A guy who wants to date you will not go on and on about other girls to you. He will try to avoid talking about other girls when you’re there so you don’t assume he just wants to be friends.

is he flirting or just being nice

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Does he always want to hang out with you?

If the answer is yes, then he’s probably flirting with you. If he’s just being friends he might hang out with you once in a blue moon to catch up or do a group hangout. But when a guy takes the time to go out on a date with only you often then he wants more than friendship.

Are you the centre of his attention?

Even when there are a hundred other people there, a guy who likes you will still make you feel special. He will be all over you and try to make you as comfortable as possible.

Unless you’re seeing all these clear signs, chances are he’s just being nice and friendly. Meanwhile, these signs mean he might be in love with you. We’ll be awaiting question in the comment section.

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