This Man Says He Has Reincarnated ‘1,000 Times’ Including As An African Witch Doctor.


A man claims he has lived at least a thousand previous lives and been reincarnated time and time again.

Nicolas Aujula says he discovered his various reincarnations at age 17 after falling into a trance which stimulated past-life recall.

He said: “I’ve remembered living the life of a hard working Chinese seamstress, a privileged life of royal Egyptian queen and a monk living a life of solitude reflection.

“I’ve been an embalmer of dead bodies and a closeted transgender soldier in Saxon England. “I’ve lived animal lives of a deer, lion, falcon to name a few, an anti-establishment French school teacher, a sailor that travelled the seven seas and a Middle Eastern nomad in the desert.

“I’ve been an African witch doctor, an Ottoman spy sent to gather information, a persecuted pagan, a tribesmen that died through substance overdose and grey skinned being (alien) on another planet”.

Recalling the first time he knew about his past lives he said: “It was a surreal moment where I felt like I had left my body and started seeing vivid flashbacks in my mind.

“It was an inner knowing that what I was seeing was me but in another time and place – that I had past-lives. “I don’t fear death personally as a result I just see it a doorway into another experience.”

“It dawned on me that there is no death that I have this physical body that dies but my consciousness, soul, continues on taking with it’s life experiences, personality and life impressions. “This changed my entire outlook as I realised I’ve lived as a male, female, transgender, animal and even beings (alien) in other parts of the universe.

At the time Nicolas discovered his ‘past’ he was studying for his A-levels, planning to go to university.

However his unexpected experience inspired him to leave his education behind to pursue an alternative path as a researcher in Reincarnation and practitioner of ‘Past Life Regression’.

With over half the world’s population believing in Reincarnation and Sir Paul McCartney told an interview this week he thought his dead wife Linda McCartney had been reborn as a white squirrel during a drug trip.

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