Types Of Love Letters Every Nigerian Girl Has GottenZUMI


Some guys will just beg you till you have no choice but to fall in love. They will buy you biscuit during break and buy for all your friends too.

types of love letters

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The confident ones with big English and Gbam Gbam heartbeat. These ones invented “if so, doxology”. Because saying thank God sounds too simple and they had to show they are brilliant.

The loyal silent stalker that has been watching you all the while. After reading this letter, if you don’t have a headache from all the English then you’re a stronger woman than us.

These ones are the small but mighty boys, the ones who aim higher than their station. They will work hard to be rich so they can come back and marry their favourite secondary school teacher.

If you’re a Nigerian girl and you haven’t receive any of these letters, then you’ve missed a lot. If you’re a Nigerian girl and you can’t cook, this will make your day.

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