Used Condoms Found At Murder Scene Of Pregnant Student Who Was Kidnapped.


More details surrounding the death of a university student who was abducted together with a journalist, have emerged.

Sharon Otieno

Sharon Otieno, who was seven months pregnant, was a second year Medical Records and Information student at Rongo University in Kenya.

Investigating officers (IOs) involved in unravelling the murder most foul said they are piecing together crucial leads to arrest three men who are believed to have taken part in the brutal murder.

Sharon was abducted together with a journalist on Monday night after having waited several hours to meet Migori Governor Okoth Obado’s Personal Assistant Michael Oyamo.

Oyamo is said to have been sent with ‘the governor’s side of the story’. The story was that Sharon had been paged by the governor and he had neglected her and failed responsibility duties.

The two reportedly boarded a vehicle with Oyamo.

After a few kilometres, Oyamo alighted and left the two, and the driver as they were joined by two other ‘mean looking men’.

The journalist, Barrak Oduor of Nation, sensed danger and jumped off the moving car sustaining injuries.

He is the man who has narrated the ordeal, possible suspects and the drama behind the university girl’s murder.

Sharon was later found murdered, her stomach disemboweled and the 7-month foetus oozing out.

A top sleuth involved in the investigations said the crime scene was ‘traumatizing’.

“There were four used condoms. Blood was splattered to nearby leaves,” he said.

This, the investigator said, points to a possible gang rape of the deceased before she was murdered.

Other sources in the police said that there is a team hunting down suspects.

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