Why You Should Date A Lot Of Guys Before Marriage


One of the first steps towards finding your happily-ever-after is dating. This is when you invest the time to get to know a stranger just to see if there’s a possibility of building something solid with them.

Dating is not just the time to learn about your partner. It’s also a great opportunity to learn about yourself. That’s why the decision to date a lot of guys before marriage can be a smart one.

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Casual dating does not mean casual sex

Before you consider this as giving permission to ‘sleep around’ keep in mind that casual dating doesn’t mean you become physically intimate with every guy you meet.

In fact, it may be smarter if you focus on getting to know the person outside of the bedroom before introducing sex into the relationship.

Why you should date a lot of guys before marriage

For one thing, there’s no way to know who you are and what you like in a relationship if you don’t date around. You should try to be with different guys who offer different things to better understand what type of guy fulfills you the most. If you don’t figure this out, you may end up with someone’s else’s idea of the perfect guy because you never gave yourself a chance to figure out what yours is.

When you date a lot of guys before marriage, you will find it easier to walk away if you aren’t getting what you need. You become less desperate to hold on to a bad guy because you very likely have options. Basically, you learn not to waste your time with the wrong guys.

Why You Should Date A Lot Of Guys Before Marriage

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When you allow yourself to date a lot of guys before marriage, you become more confident in your choice of a partner as you were able to explore and have a pretty good idea what’s out there. You’re less likely to yearn for something outside your relationship. You are experienced enough to know that nobody is perfect so your man’s flaws will not have you running into the arms of another.

After you’ve finally found the one you want, avoid these major mistakes as your relationship becomes more serious.

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