Woman And Her Children Return From Holiday Only To Find Husband With His Lover. Photos


The shocking moment a mother returned home from holiday with her daughters – to find her husband in their bedroom with his alleged lover, was captured on camera.

The women filmed their return from the USA to their home in the city of Barranquilla, in the northern Colombian department of Atlantico, on a smartphone.

But they were surprised to find husband and father Osman Torregosa in a bedroom with the maid who was wearing only a towel to protect her modesty.

The scantily-clad maid ends up hiding behind Torregosa, with her arms wrapped tightly around his waist, as the angry wife and her daughters shout at her.

The man claimed the maid was merely getting changed after finishing work for the day but his wife and daughters did not believe his story.

His wife, whose name is not reported, can be heard saying that she is going to call the police to remove the maid from the family home.

And one of her daughters adds that a lawyer would also be coming to prepare papers to file for divorce because of his alleged adultery.

Police officers later arrived at the scene and escorted Torregosa’s alleged lover from the house to protect her from the women of the family.

Torregosa said that the maid was only changing her clothes before going home from work and that he protected her from his wife and daughters as a gentleman.



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