4 Obvious Signs That His Friends Are Destroying Your Relationship


When you’re in a relationship, you ought to find some type of balance between other friendships and your partner. Unfortunately, sometimes, one may influence the other.

Is it possible that his friends are destroying your relationship? Here are some signs to look out for.

1. They speak on his behalf

When you and your partner have a fight, for instance, he then sends his friends to talk to you on his behalf. For one thing, the fact that he continues to drag his friends into every argument is a dangerous sign. You and your partner should be equipped enough to sort out your issues together.

friends are destroying your relationship

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2. They help him make his decision

This is also another way friends are destroying your relationship. If you and your partner come up with a plan or decide on something and he requires his friend’s input before he can get on board, that becomes a problem. If they help him make all the big decisions in the relationship, that’s not healthy.

3. You’re constantly put in a position where you have to please them

Being friendly and polite to your partner’s friends is a sign of maturity and understanding. However, if your man always expects you to bend over backward just to please them, it becomes another issue entirely. It can lead to a lot of tension in the relationship.

friends are destroying your relationship

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4. He shares too much with them

Regardless of how close he is to his friend, there should be a limit to the things he shares with them. One sign his friends are destroying your relationship is if they know way too much about your personal life as a couple and as an individual. You need to be able to trust your partner with your deepest secrets and desires.

If, however, it’s your own friendship that’s threatening your relationship, learn how to have and keep your male friends without making your man insecure.

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