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The other day I decided to make Efo riro and Boiled plantain to post on Instagram, then I realized I needed to put up an updated Efo riro recipe, because the one I have now is quite dated and I definitely need to let you guys in on my new recipe, it is all you need, trust me! You know that moment you prepare something, taste it and you just nod your head, smiling because you know you’ve created a masterpiece? Yeah, I had that moment with this Efo riro recipe.

I used Shoko leaves (Lagos Spinach) for this recipe because they are more tender and in my opinion taste better in Efo Riro. This Soup is such a versatile one,it goes with pretty much anything and can even be a meal on it’s own!. If you prefer the oil-less version, just skip the part where you add oil and cook your peppers first and follow the rest of the steps, it will still have the same amazing outcome.
Tell me, what’s not to love about Efo Riro? It’s packed with loads of nutrients, has carbs, proteins, fats & oils and so delicious.

Do try this recipe out and let me know if you had the same “out of body” experience i had. lol!



6 Cups Shoko Leaves
1/2 Cup palm oil
550g Meats (Goat meat, Shaki, Pomo)
Pepper mix (6 Tatase, 4 Rodo, 2 Onions, 2 Tomatoes)
1 Med Dried fish
2 Tbsp Ground Crayfish
2 Stock Cubes
1/2 Tsp Salt
50g Dried Prawns



  1. Pour some palm oil in a pot, when it heats up, add in Pepper mix, then some Locust beans, dried prawns, then add in seasoning, leave to cook for a couple of minutes.
  2. Add in Goat meat, Shaki and Pomo, stir well till all meats are coated in the sauce. Cover and allow to cook some more.
  3. Taste for seasoning and adjust accordingly.
  4. Add in the vegetables then add the dried fish, do not stir! cover and cook for 5 minutes, allowing the steam wilt the vegetable.
  5. Open the pot, then stir the vegetable into the sauce till its properly mixed, allow to cook for another 2 minutes and your Efo Riro is ready.
  6. Serve with any swallow of your choice or rice. Enjoy!


Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 15 minutes

Total time: 25 minutes



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