He Makes A Lot Of Secret Phone Calls. Is He Cheating?


Dear Jay,
My fiance and I will be getting married in about two months. But I started noticing a funny behavior lately and I don’t know what to do about it.

He makes secret phone calls very often. Sometimes, when his phone rings, he goes into the bathroom or even outside the house to answer it.

I don’t know the password to his phone and it has never bothered me before. But now I’m desperate to find out who he has been talking to. Is he cheating on me? I don’t want to make a big mistake and marry a cheater.

What’s my next step?

– Lara.

he makes secret phone calls

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Dear Lara,
You must try to avoid jumping into conclusions in matters like this. You say he makes secret phone calls but this may only be according to your perspective. There are a dozen reasons why anyone would want to take calls privately. And it does not always mean they are cheating.

You say you have never felt the need to look through his phone. I’ll assume it’s because he has proven himself to be trustworthy. Ask yourself, why is that trust wavering now?

If it bothers you that he makes secret phone calls, then you should tell him. Don’t accuse him of something he may or may not be doing. Simply express that you’re feeling concerned and it bothers you.

he makes secret phone calls

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Hopefully, you both have a close enough relationship that he will open up and tell you who he has been talking to, or at least give you an answer that will allay your fears.

Good luck.

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