He says he will dump his main chick to be with me; will he?


Dear Bukky,

So I’m into a complicated relationship. I’m dating a guy who has a girlfriend. I never knew about it not until some months after the relationship had begun. I ended the relationship because it hurts to see him with another girl.

He begged for forgiveness and promise to break up with her that I should give him a month. I agreed because I love him and things went back to normal.

My question here is this: I’m scared of losing him. And again, what if he doesn’t fulfill his promise? I’m so scared. Should I just let him go?

Dear reader,

I totally understand that the relationship had begun before you got to know that there was someone else. And I can only imagine how betrayed you must have felt, knowing that he tricked you into a relationship knowing well that there was someone else.

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I need you to know that that initial decision to end the relationship is a very right one, and you have to take it again. In my opinion, the promise to leave his girlfriend for you is fake. Until he actually does it, do not believe that. And the fact that he actually goes ahead to do it should not sway you into taking him back. I think you should let this one go permanently.

If he could trick you into a relationship while he was with someone else, there is every tendency that he would do the same with someone else if you choose to be with him.

The whole of this relationship is built on a lie, and I’d end it now if I were you. If you would even consider continuing with him, send him packing and tell him to come back when he has actually broken up with that other woman. Until he does that, DO NOT CONSIDER ANYTHING.

Let him go figure out his priorities and come back when he’s truly single and ready to mingle.

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