How men discouraged me from remarrying- Iya Rainbow reveals


How men discouraged me from remarrying- Iya Rainbow reveals

Speaking with Saturday beat, veteran Nollywood actress, Iya Rainbow revealed how men discouraged her from getting married again after the death of her husband.

“I had the intention of remarrying after I lost my husband, there was even a time a man visited me in my house when we were all eating with my children and some other youths that stayed with me; he had to ask me if all the youths in my house were my children, I replied him in the affirmative. Due to my reply, he asked me a rhetorical question that insinuated he was overwhelmed with the number of children he would have to cater for when he married me. After that time, I never saw him again. After this incident, I never thought of getting married again because I was no longer interested because most of them used to lie a lot.

And on how she remained ageless after 76, she replies;

“Nobody can take care of us like God, considering the type of things we eat these days. I can’t even say how I keep up such ageless beauty but I can say I try to eat right; considering the fact that I had to take care of my children all by myself after I lost my husband. I used to take them to my mother’s place when I had to be on set; I used to go to about four locations in a day just to get some money to enable me cater for my children,” she said.

Philips, who recently got some major endorsement deals, said she never knew she would be honoured by those endorsements at that age.

“I never expected all the endorsements that I have right now; I am amazed at the grace of God over my life,” she added.

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