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Ladies, let’s agree. It’s one thing to snatch the man of your dreams, but another, to keep him interested.

When dating, relationships start to die off because people stop doing the things they were doing when they were chasing the person. As a woman, if you don’t keep your man happy, someone else will. Unfortunately, just like we have options, the men have options too. So if you want to keep that guy you recently started seeing interested, here’s how:

1. First things first, be financially secure.

No guy likes a woman with the ‘Nibuyie mentality’. When you start dating a man, show him that you can handle your own bills. One thing I learned from going on several dates is that the man will try and test you. In fact, if a guy asks you if you have . money after a date, he’s probably testing you. Say no, even if you have only 200 shillings lol. You will come to enjoy later. No one wants to feel like you’re using him for his money. Independence is sexy. Never rely on someone for your own happiness or money. What happens when they’re gone?


2. Be there for him when life seems unbearable.

Believe it or not, even men, as tough as they appear to be, need a hug sometimes and someone to tell them that everything will be okay. Show him that you genuinely care about him. Show interest in his life and work and make him believe that you’re the kind that would stick around even when shit hits the fan.


3. Look the part.

A man wants a woman he can show off like a trophy. When going for dinner or an occasion, dress sexy for him and complement him just as much as he complements you.



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4. Get in his inner circle and also make friends with his family, slowly but steadily.

Men are very family oriented. You will find that most guys are pretty close to their sisters and mums. If you can get a long well with them, then he could probably start seeing that you could easily integrate into his family with no problem at all.


5. Show initiative in bedroom matters.

Don’t always wait for him to be the one to make the move. Show initiative sometimes; seduce him and flirt with him. We talked about not letting your man leave the house horny or hungry…


6. Praise him and his achievements every now and then.

A little ego stroking is just what your man needs. If he goes to the gym, compliment him. Tell him you like how big his “guns” have become. Tell him how you’re proud of him and all the milestones he’s reached. Heck! Take him out to celebrate every now and then. Surprise him with little gifts that are of sentimental value. He will love that.


7. Show genuine interest in participating in his hobbies.

If you really like someone, you will like them as a package. Even if his hobbies do not align with yours, show interest in the things he loves. You shouldn’t compromise always but at the same time, you should meet each other halfway. If your man loves to golf on Sundays for instance, dress well and in a lady-like manner and accompany him. You can enjoy reading a book and a brunch as you wait for him.


8. Be a lady that can hold intelligent conversations.

Not really a smart ass, but someone who listens, and participates in an intellectually challenging convo. Honestly, I’m not telling you to know all there is to know about Quantum Physics but at least know what’s happening around the world.


9. Be a good cook.

The way to a man’s heart is good food. If you cannot cook, it’s alright, at least show him that you’re trying by trying out recipes or you could compensate by helping in cleaning up after he cooks or helping with other chores around the house every now and then.


10. Make him dependent on you.

It’s okay to show him that you’re not always available so that he gets a taste of how life would be without you. Hehe, let him get used to talking to you everyday, doing things with you, make sure that someway somehow, you’re part of his daily routine and that way, you’ll become like a drug to him in the sense if you’re not even available for a day, he will feel like something is a miss, he will barely function. That’s how you keep a man interested.


11. Be yourself.

Don’t change who you are. Even when things go well or awry, remain you. He saw something in you and loves you for you. Remember to always be positive, avoid unnecessary drama, nagging him and respect yourself.

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