How to get pre-wedding pictures that are to die for!


Pre-weddding pictures have firmly become a big part of a larger picture when it comes to weddings and yes, we’re absolutely here for the continuous use of loved-up pictures to drive expectation for a couple’s big day. Really, how could we not?

Alongside activities like bridal showers, bachelors’ eve and bachelorettes’ parties, taking of pre-wedding pictures is taken very seriously by many couples. Matter of fact, scratch that. Pre-wedding pictures have risen to a level of inevitability. People rarely get hitched without a photo session where a couple would do as they please, projecting whatever mood or vibe they deem fit. There are costumes, settings, locations and a whole lot of other stuff brought in to blend in with the theme chosen by the couple and/or their photographer.

Now this is where the problem arises when many couples are taking their pre-wedding photos – they focus on all the paraphernalia and technicalities of the photo-session that they actually miss the whole point which is to project their love for each other in a manner that is as natural and genuine as it can ever get!


For lit pre-wedding pictures, just enjoy the moment as you would even if there was no one there. (Scooper)


So while the selection of themes and use of posh locations and all the extra effects are not bad ideas, the major thing about a pre-wedding photo session is the connection between you and your partner! Expressing that and letting it shine through in a realistic, believable manner is what you should always aim for. As a matter of fact, it’s what every good photographer will tell you, as opposed to asking for poses that end up looking fake, rehearsed, overused and stiff.

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Photographer and Twitter user, GoldMan [@iAM_JiZZi] tweets on this subject, saying; “during pre-weddings the first and most repeated words I tell my clients are. Imagine I’m not here, imagine we’re all not here… it’s just you guys, it’s your love. Please love, let me capture it.”

“Pro-Tip for couples doing pre-wedding photos in the near future, forget about everyone around and just be into yourselves,” writes Anny_Robert‏ [@BeardedCoquet] on Twitter.

He further advises that couples should be “into the moment together and let the love jump out…you can look at the camera from time to time if you like.”

To get a very clear picture of what is being said here, you need to check out TY Bello’s operational process for Lala Akindoju and Chef Fregz’ pre-wedding photos.

In a clip shared on the photographer’s Instagram page, Lala and Chef Fregz can be seen clearly being themselves, relaxed and absorbed in their own world; laughing away as if it’s no one’s business while TY’s super-expensive camera clicked away, capturing so many more cute moments than was eventually shared with the world on the morning of their traditional wedding.

The end products of that session came out and there can be no denying that they were really, really fantastic.

Now, if you ever need a template of candidness on with which to work for that your forthcoming pre-wedding photo session, that’s it!

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