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A male’s ego is probably the most important and delicate thing in every man.

Some men however, got a very delicate ego that must be handled like some fragile goods lest it gets crushed.

Men are innately proud and if you want to destroy their pride, try doing these things to them:

1. Offering him help


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Somehow, men do not take help from women positively even if it’s genuine. Even if they are in dire need of financial assistance, they would rather suffer silently than ask for help from a woman. It’s even worse when you offer him a helping hand in public. It emasculates him and although he might not say it, it’s the last thing he wishes for.

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2. Complimenting other guys

Even if his friend has a great body and you can’t resist stealing a glance at him, just keep it to yourself. Telling your man that you think his friend is cool or complimenting him when you are together will make him feel like he is not good enough.

3. You are so small

Every man wants to feel strong enough even if they are not physically strong. And reminding him that he should eat more or hit the gym to get some muscles makes him feel inadequate as a man. Clearly, you might be stronger than him but for the sake of his ego, you would rather not tell him.

4. Better job


Men feel threatened when you earn more (istock)


He will say that he is happy because you got a promotion. He will promise to support you to get to your dreams. But once you get there, like it or not, his ego will be crushed. He might still be happy that you are better off but deep inside he is hurt because men believe they should rule in all aspects of life.

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5. That pot belly…

It’s not only women who feel sensitive when it comes to their bodies. Hinting to your man to do some exercise because his weight is not healthy is not something he will take kindly.

6. Better in bed


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As earlier said, men want to be heroes in every area including the bedroom. And when they get a woman who is more experienced in bed than them, they feel threatened and weak.

7. Admitting your ex was better

The size of his machine really matters and does not want to hear that any other man had a better and bigger one than his. So, even if your ex was better in bed and you miss his game, just keep it to yourself unless you are intending to destroy your man’s ego.

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