Important things to keep in mind when selecting bridesmaids


Modern day brides choose not to have bridesmaids on their wedding day. However, if you wanna do things the customary way, then you will need bridesmaids and a maid of honor on you big day.

Coming up with your bride squad is no cakewalk. You definitely wanna come up with the best team, without hurting anyone’s feelings. The hardest part is deciding how to pick both friends and family. Remember that the bridesmaids are a big part and parcel of your wedding and they can make or break the wedding. That said, it’s important to select bridesmaids who will represent you well and be a great reflection of you and your husband on your wedding day. Here are things to consider when selecting your bridesmaids:

1. Before anything, consult with your husband and agree on a number.

They say that the wedding is the woman’s but you will still need to consult with your husband so that you know the number of grooms and bridesmaids that you both want for the wedding. Once you have the number, decide who are the most important women in your life. If you have 7 sisters, don’t decide to have them all in your bridal party. Mix up some of the family and some of your friends, putting importance to who comes first in your hierarchy of friendship. A wedding is all about having those closest to you witness your nuptials. So, pick your best friends and a few family members whom you’re close with. You should also consider including some of your husband’s family if you’re close with them of course such as his sister.


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2. Budget.

If you have a tight wedding budget, then consider having few bridesmaids or none. This is important especially if you’re the one buying their bridesmaids outfits.


3. Drama and personalities.

You may have a close friend, but unfortunately, drama follows them around wherever they go. You may also have other friends who are great friends, but have unpleasant habits like running late, getting too drunk and what not. You want to have a seamless wedding with no drama at all. As earlier mentioned, your bridesmaids are a reflection of you so choose wisely.


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4. Responsibilities.

Choose your bridesmaids depending on the responsibilities you want to assign them. Decide who takes the maid of honor job and who does what, to avoid confusion on the big day. At the end of the day, the bridesmaid’s job is not just to look pretty at the wedding but also help things run smoothly during the wedding.


5. Current life situation of the ladies you want to choose.

Someone may be going through a divorce or maybe they just lost their job or just gave birth. Be considerate of the fact that they may not be in the best position to be present on your big day due to unavoidable circumstances.


6. Do not feel guilty.

Just because someone choose you as their bridesmaid doesn’t mean you have to return the favor. If you want a fixed number and you already have your six ladies then that’s simply that. Have no apologies. It’s your wedding day and you’re allowed to do as you please.


7. Have a plan B.

Shit hits the fan sometimes. Emergencies can pop up before or on the day of the wedding and it’s always good to have a plan B if things don’t go as planned.



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