Kim Kardashian accused of Photoshopping daughter Chicago’s head before reposting Kylie Jenner’s picture


The photo originally posted by Kylie Jenner with the caption ‘slumber party’, showed her daughter Stormi and sister Kim Kardashian’s daughter Chicago, showed the cousins lying side by side, looking just like twins.

But eagle eyed fans have noted that before reposting the shot, Kim Kardashian seems to have done some subtle tweaking, seemingly to improve the appearance of her infant child.

Nine-month-old Chicago’s curls and forehead have been carefully trimmed on the right side, while the colors of her and Stormi’s skin has been brightened.

The discrepancy was first pointed out by Instagram account Celebface, which also highlighted a number of other pictures, apparently altered by Kim.

One, promoting her KKW Beauty campaign, was posted both by Kim, to promote her Ultra Light Beams, and her hairstylist Chris Appleton.While subtle, once spotted the differences cannot be ignored.

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