Lady C blasts Piers Morgan after he calls Harry and Meghan’s child the ‘first black royal baby’


Piers Morgan found himself in an unexpected situation on Good Morning Britain when he went head to head with Lady C and was rendered speechless. The royal author and TV personality appeared on the show alongside former royal butler Paul Burrell to discuss the impending arrival, after the royals revealed their good news on Monday 15 October, when Lady C took umbrage at Piers’ turn of phrase.

‘The significance could be that because she’s from a mixed race family, we could have the first black baby Buckingham Palace has ever seen and it would be a wonderful thing,’ he told his guests, and while Susanna and Paul agreed, Lady C most certainly did not. ‘Being Jamaican and having been brought up in Jamaica, which is a multiracial society, I’m very sorry the baby is not going to be black,’ she argued. ‘The baby is going to have black blood and it’s also going to have white blood.’

She went on to blast Piers for being racist, asserting: ‘You can’t be 7/8 white and called black, I think that’s racism of the highest order. ‘That’s like Hitler’s definition of a Jew – “I’m sorry you’re 1/8 Jewish, you’re full Jewish, and therefore, into the oven you go.” ‘I’m sorry if you’re partly black you’re partly black. You’re not fully black.’ Dumbfounded, Piers could only respond to call it an ‘interesting observation’ as Lady C did insist she feels the royal baby is a ‘lovely’ thing.

The 69-year-old also had a controversial opinion on Meghan, saying she ‘thinks less’ of the Duchess than before. ‘I think the way she has treated her family is appalling,’ she said. ‘I hope for her sake and for the sake of the monarchy, as well as for the sake of both sides of her family, that she begins to embrace them.’ Paul Burrell argued: ‘I think she’s a breath of fresh air.’

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