Nigeria’ll break if it becomes an Islamic nation – Oyedepo


The founder and President of the Living Faith Church worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo, has said Nigeria will break if it becomes an Islamic nation.

The cleric also warned Nigerians and politicians over the unending killings of innocent citizens.Oyedepo gave this warning in a satellite telecast of the church’s prayer session for the nation monitored by the News Agency of Nigeria, on Sunday, in Abuja.

The Bishop, while urging politicians to repent and have value for the lives of citizens, said if they did not repent after the warning, they would fall down for the sake of the nation.

He said, “Politicians be warned, whether in power or not in power. There is no day Nigeria will become an Islamic nation and this nation will remain one nation.

“Allow the Christians to go to church, allow the Muslims go to their mosque and let the traditional worshippers do their thing.

“God is giving Nigeria peace, by all means, the peace of those promoting this wickedness, God is taking away, if they refuse to repent. Their supplies shall dry up because Nigeria shall not see war.”

He said that every leader was just a caretaker and God remained the creator and owner of every Nation including Nigeria.

He added that Nigeria would have peace when they understood that God was in control of everything including the land.

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