Schoolgirls Beaten Mericlessly After Confronting Sexual Harassers. Photos


At least 40 schoolgirls in Supaul district, India, were beaten up, allegedly by a mob comprising some local youths and their parents, who barged into the school, on Saturday evening.

About 10 girls had to be admitted to hospital, while 10 others were released after being given first-aid. The incident took place at Kasturba School of Triveniganj in Supaul district, where 104 girls are enrolled from Class I to VIII.

According to the police, the girls were playing inside the school compound when some boys came in and tried to sexually harass them. The girls fought them off and there was an altercation

The girls reportedly complained to the school warden, who threatened to file a police complaint. The youths, accompanied by their parents, then, allegedly, barged into the school and beat up the girls. At least three teachers were also beaten up.

While 12 suspects have been named, three have been arrested so far. A case has also been lodged.

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