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Part of what makes a wedding beautiful and grand is the bridesmaids. On your big day, your bride squad needs to look stunning in their dresses and it’s your job as the bride to make sure that you select the dresses that flatter them best.

Now, picking your bridesmaids dresses ain’t no cakewalk you have to consider so many things while ensuring that your squad is also happy with your choice. It’s your wedding day, you make the decisions. That said, don’t be those unbearable bridezillas that make life hard for the bridesmaids and everyone else. So, let’s comb through the things you need to consider when selecting the bridesmaids dresses:

1. Consider that your bridesmaids are not all of the same body shape and size.

If you happen to have bridesmaids who are all of the same size then lucky you as that would make work easier for you. However, if your bride squad consists of plus size, tall, short, petite women, then you will need to consider whether you want one style or a different style for everyone. In this case, you could choose a silhouette like A-line that flatters all body shapes. You could also decide on choosing different necklines for the bridesmaids or one neckline. Also, decide whether you want your squad to look slightly similar to you or completely different.


2. Color.

Choose colors that are in line with your wedding theme. Keep in mind that the bridesmaids are supposed to complement you especially when it comes to taking the photos. If your dress is busy, like the puffy, Cinderella kind, you could choose simple dresses for the bridesmaids so that they create a balance. Do consider the season too and weather. Pastels work well with sunny summery weddings while darker tones would be great for a cold weather wedding.


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3. Be open to hearing what your bridesmaids want.

Choose your color and the dress style options, Pinterest is a great . to draw your inspiration from. Once you have your options and color(s) selected. Share them with your squad and ask them what style they’re comfortable with then strike a balance. It’s good to have options as people have different personalities, some of your bridesmaids may be stylish and others could care less about style. You could also be open to hearing some of the ideas they might have. Settle on what everyone is comfortable with so that everyone is happy. In fact, in the event there’s a disagreement, you could get the same color and dress fabric then everyone can choose a different dress design that flatters her body type. This would still be super chic.


4. Comfort is key.

Remember that your bridesmaids will be running up and down and maybe even standing for the better part of the wedding day. Do choose dresses and shoes that are comfortable and practical.


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5. Price.

Set a budget that is good enough for each of your bridesmaid, especially if they’re the ones paying for their own dresses. It’s also important to choose dresses that they can wear even after the wedding so that, in that case, they do not feel the pinch.


6. Timing is key.

You need to start dress shopping at least 6 months in advance. This is so that if there are any adjustments, they can be done in good time. You definitely do not want to rush, taking clothes to the tailor to be adjusted one week before the wedding. You really cannot trust these tailors, they will let you down. They almost always do! So, start your dress shopping spree way in advance.


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7. Dress fitting.

Once the dresses are ready, if they are tailor made, or if you are buying them from a shop, it’s important for all the bridesmaids to be available for the dress fitting. Have them come ready for dress fitting, for instance, makeup and hair done and with the right inner wear. It’s important to have a clear idea of how they will look like on the big day so that the necessary adjustments are done if need be.


8. Hair and accessories.

Consider giving the bridesmaids the chance to give their look a personal touch, such as allowing them to add their own accessories, as long they go with the theme. You could also go with matching accessories if you want everyone to look the same. Consider that if you’re going for dresses that are not of the same pattern, one hairstyle for all may not work. So be open to having the bridesmaids rock different hairstyles depending on the dress structure. If you’re going for similar dresses then one hairstyle will work.


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9. Have a plan B.

With weddings, shit happens. Always have a plan b, with your bridesmaids, with your tailor, with everything! Except, well your husband, but hey you never know. He too may fail to show up at the alter so also have a plan B for that hehe.

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