5 Tips On Making Extra Cash Besides Your Salary


Everyone wants to be rich, to have enough money to live the good life. But sadly, wishes aren’t horses. If they were, it would indeed be a crazy world. There are no “wish horses”, we’ve got to wake up every morning and work our dreams! The closest anyone gets to a wish horse is money. The more money you can make, the more wishes you can make come true for yourself and those you love.

Here are 5 tips to make that extra cash and get closer to your wishes.

1. Monetize your hobbies
You know how to sew? Great! What about graphics design? If you are good at anything, make efforts to showcase it, join internet forums, and show it on Facebook and Twitter. Let people know what you do for fun. You’ll never know who will be interested. And when people start showing interest, prepare to monetize it. That is a very simple way to make extra money part-time doing what you love doing ordinarily.

2. Get busy on weekends
If you have a Monday to Friday job that allows you free time on weekends, that’s nice. If you love to MC or go into photography or play a musical instrument on weekends, that’s superb. There are always social functions happening every other weekend in Nigeria, especially in Lagos. What you have to do is just identify and plan for some side gigs that you can do on weekends, that way you can make extra money part-time doing side gigs besides your regular pay.

3. Check out commission Jobs
There are many commission-type jobs that will not interfere with your 9 to 5 and will allow you make extra money. These jobs might include sales of products which you may even introduce to your colleagues and friends making them your first clients, to services you can do after work hours or online outsourced jobs. Just make sure there are no conflicts of interest with your 9 to 5.

4. Do research
You will be pleasantly surprised at the opportunities that abound with proper research. It might be a business that requires only a certain level of investment or a part time stint that will give you good financial returns. You won’t be disappointed.

5. Start a small business
Keyword is small. Make sure this business doesn’t affect your 9 to 5. I definitely won’t advise you to shirk your responsibilities at work, but you can take a honest assessment of your job and see if it gives you enough time to start something on the side. Start a blog, set up a training institute, join your friends or spouse to set up a consulting firm, but keep your eyes on the cash!

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