Do You Love Talking? Here Are 5 Perfect Jobs For You


Many jobs depend on strong communication skills and to have have a career fulfilment » in such jobs, you need to bring your chatty side to work. If you really like to talk, here are five perfect job for you.

1. Sales representative
As a sales rep, you’ll spend most of your day on the phone advertising and selling products or services to customers. If you love to talk, you’ll enjoy this job role.

2. On-Air Personality
On-Air personalities are broadcast journalists and their strength lies in their voice and ability to present their thoughts clearly. If you have a degree in Mass Communication, English or internship experience in a media organization, you could increase your chances of getting the job so long you like to talk.

3. Customer service representative
The job of customer service reps requires them to always answer questions from customers either on phone or face to face. You’ll find this job very easy if you really enjoy talking and making friends.

4. Fitness Instructor
The job of fitness instructors is more like that of a motivational speakers, they encourage their clients to achieve their goals. This job is meant for people who are enthusiastic about putting their chatty side to work.

5. Event planner
As an event planner, you are expected to orchestrate every detail of events, ceremonies and meetings, and these involve a lot of conversations with clients and vendors to ensure things go in order.

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