Kim Kardashian can’t get over Tristan Thompson blocking her on Instagram


Kim Kardashian gave up fighting against Tristan Thompson, instead choosing to support her sister Khloe’s choice to stand by the cheat. The mother-of-three admitted that she held ‘resentment’ towards the NBA star especially after he blocked her on social media. During the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloe found it difficult as Kim and Tristan had not been in the same room together since the cheating scandal broke when Khloe’s daughter True was born.

‘I’m just, you know, in a tough situation ’cause my sister and my boyfriend hate each other,’ Khloe was seen telling Kim and Kourtney on the phone. While speaking in the confessional, it seems that Kim wasn’t only furious over the videos of Tristan getting cosy with other women, but that he’d gone public by blocking her on Instagram.

‘I still can’t believe that Tristan blocked me,’ she said. ‘I mean that’s just too petty for me and I could go there in the petty department. I know Khloe wants us to be cool with Tristan when they get back, but I still hold this resentment towards him.’ Kim insisted that she would never forget how the Cleveland Cavaliers star ‘broke Khloe’s heart’, but her little sister claimed she was ‘strong enough’ to handle the situation and come through it.


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