These Pointers Will Help You Clash Them Like A ProZUMI


Clashing prints is a way to amp up seemingly outdated pieces and separates in your closet. It isn’t for the faint-hearted though.

Because prints are in and clashing them is an art, we’ve curated a guide for you to do this like a pro:

Pair ‘Near’ Fabrics

For ladies that are new to the ‘prints game’, stick to pairing fabrics that look almost the same and have the same feel. Airy fabrics like silk and chiffon are perfect together for instance.


(Photo: Instagram / Doctoridia)


(Photo: Instagram / Officialosas)

Keep Pieces The Same Shade

Pieces in the same shade tend to make up a nice whole. Doing this puts a playful spin on the look and prevents the outfit from looking unnecessarily loud and colourful.


(Photo: Instagram / Mimionalaja)

Throw Plain Accessories In The Mix

Keep accessories such as belts and bags plain so they can act as ‘neutralizers’. Separating prints helps to keep the look polished and edgy. It also keeps the prints or pattern as the star of the whole look.


(Photo: Instagram / Chiomagoodhair)

Clash Prints In The Same Theme

To execute this tip flawlessly, try prints in the ‘same family‘. If you are going for florals, pair pieces that have different floral theme for a cohesive look. This helps to keep a particular vibe going on.


(Photo: Instagram / Only_ronx)

Try Out New Textures

If you are a daring fashionista; opt for contrasting prints! This will certainly get heads turning your way because you’d be ‘extra’ and unique.


(Photo: Instagram / Doctoridia)

With these tips, you’d be pairing prints like a pro in no time. We have more guide for you here!



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