Cool Catholic baby names inspired by saints



The name you decide to give your baby may vary depending on your culture, faith among other things.

Some parents opt for African names, others go for Christian names and others just go for any name they feel is cool and unique. But for most people subscribing to the Catholic faith, they are advised to give their baby a name inspired by a saint. That is unless you don’t want your baby to grow in the Catholic faith.

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So if you are a Catholic and are wondering about the best name for your coming baby, we got you. But of course anyone else not belonging to the Catholic faith is at liberty to use the names as well.


Cute baby girl (Funnyjunk)

Here are a few of them:

1. Adela

2. Colette

3. Cassian

4. Fabian

5. Matilda

6. Finnian

7. Tatiana

8. Joaquin

9. Adrian

10. Zita


Baby names inspired by saints (Madison365)

11. Aidan

12. Alena

13. Justin

14. Blaise

15. Brendan

16. Bruno

17. Camillus

18. Cyril

19. Leo

20. Kilian

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21. Oliver

22. Pascal

23. Quintinus

24. Raymond

25. Rene

26. Roderic

27. Valerius

28. Melania

29. Ludmilla

30. Lloyd

31. Ignatius

32. Conrad

33. Adelaide

34. Loius

35. Quiteria

We bet you won’t miss a name you like for your baby from the list.

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