False doctrines will continue next year on a larger scale – Daddy Freeze


According to the leader of Free the sheeple movement, Daddy Freeze, there would be more false doctrines in 2019. Read his letter below…

Hello Everyone, I greet you and I Bring glad tidings. I thank you for believing in our vision for a Christian faith unmitigatedly devoid of false and manipulative beliefs bereft of the true teachings of Yahushua.

Our membership grew this year more than tripling, as we released deep truths that shook the very foundations of what we once knew as the Christian faith.

Unfortunately, many people wanted us to stop at tithing and the extortion based doctrines of the church, petrified to delve any deeper into what the Christian faith, via the paradox of the personal relationship doctrine has become, aligning itself seamlessly, not just with paganism, but with hard core satanism as a whole.

We pushed further, advancing far beyond immediately discernible flaws in tenets, to the more profound doctrinal handicaps that are the bane of the Christian faith.

We shook tables that had King James, Constantine, the first Council of Nicea, the name ‘Jesus’, the Canon, Christmas, seed sowing, tongues, Pentecostalism, GOs, pastors, temple worship, the entire old covenant, Judaism, David, baphomet and so many others on, smashing some of these tables completely into pieces.

This frightened some of our bonafide followers and intending members, making them skeptical of us.

I am here only with the assurance that this apprehension will continue into the next year and in a larger scale, so brace yourself. Always Remember that the path is narrow and few are chosen.

I love you all and promise solemnly to teach you the real truth about Christ into the new year and beyond, so help me God. The question now is….. do you want the truth?

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