Family Invites Powerful Native Doctor To Conduct Ritual Over ‘Bad Luck’. Photo


A family which suspected an evil person wanted them to struggle in life, invited a powerful native doctor to conduct a ritual for them.

On Tuesday, the family based in South Africa invited a native doctor identified as James Chuma (43) from Sudan to perform powerful rituals to rid them of the dark cloud hanging over them.

The native doctor performed a ritual with a white chicken, which allegedly revealed there was charm hidden in one of the bedrooms in the family home. He also reportedly found a baboon’s hand buried in the family garden.

According to reports, the native doctor slit the chicken’s throat with his teeth and threw the head on the ground. He was then directed to the hidden charm.

More charms were found under the bed in one of the bedrooms. It was covered in black plastic.

The native doctor said the charm was put there to make sure no one in the family ever found success.

Mum Velamina (50) said she believed her children would finally be alright as the curse on her family had been lifted.

“Now I know why things were difficult for all of us,” she said. “I want the charm found here today to be sent back to the people who wanted to harm me and my family.”



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