How Hanging Upside Down Will Grow Your Hair

Since time immemorial, women of all races have been obsessed with long hair. This obsession has led to the invention of many awesome hair products. And of course, the creation of weird hacks that supposedly grow our hair faster than the speed of light.

On today’s episode of weird things women do in the name of beauty, we’re featuring something called the inversion method or hanging upside down for hair growth.

The inversion method which involves hanging upside down is meant to increase the blood flow to your head. This rush of blood is supposed to carry nutrients to your scalp which causes your hair follicles to reach maximum capacity and stimulate growth. But whether hanging upside down for four minutes, every day for one week actually grows your hair is very debatable. Because for every person who claims that it worked, there are 2 others swearing that it’s a lie.

But of course, you can always try it out yourself

the inversion method


Here’s what you’ll need:

Any carrier oil

Your head on the floor (for self-preservation purposes, you can use a pillow)

Your legs in the air (because where else would it be?)

An empty stomach (for obvious reasons)

OK, clearly we’re kidding. You don’t need to literally stand on your head (thank God). Massage your scalp with warm oil for four minutes and then afterwards turn your head upside down. You can do this sitting or lie down, just make sure you’re comfortable. Hold that position for four minutes (not more or less) and then raise your head up. It’s important you bring your head up slowly to avoid feeling dizzy or weak.

Watch this video by Greenbeauty, she explains in detail how the inversion method works.

P.S: Do not try the inversion method if you’re pregnant, have low or high blood pressure or prone to headaches and migraines. As a matter of fact, don’t do it if you have any serious health issues.

Have you tried the inversion method and did it work? Please let us know in the comment section.

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