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blend natural hair with curly extensions

Some people don’t like natural hair because they assume that it is impossible to rock certain hairstyles with it. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Natural hair is actually very versatile and today we’re going to show you two methods to get your natural hair to blend with curly extensions.

For the first method, what you need is some leave in conditioner and bendy rollers. First, dampen your hair and apply some leave-in conditioner to your natural hair. This will moisturize it and make it hold the curls better. You can also use a curl holding cream if it’s available. Next cut a small section of your hair and a small piece of the hair extension and wrap both around the flexi rod. Be careful not to roll the hair, what you want to do is wrap it around the rods.

blend natural hair with curly extensions

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You’re going to need really small flexi rods for best results. Repeat this process of wrapping a piece of your hair with the hair extension around the flexi rod until all your leave-out is covered. Leave overnight so the curls can really set. In the morning, gently unravel the rods and you’re good to go!

Check out this video by Chrissy Cousin showing the entire process.

With this method, you won’t be needing flexy rods. All that’s required is some Eco styler gel. Apply some eco styler gel to your natural hair and massage it in properly. Next, divide the hair into two parts and flat twist them tightly to your scalp. You’ll need to roll the tips of your hair with cold wave rods to secure it. If you don’t know how to do flat twists, weaving your hair loosely will also work.

Once you’re done, tie the hair down with a satin scarf and leave it over-night. In the morning, gently unravel the twists and using your fingers blend the hair into your extensions. Viola! That’s it.

Here’s a video showing you how to:

For the perfectly laid finish, also find out how to maintain your curly extensions and keep them in good condition.

(Featured image: Youtube via Chrissy Cousin)



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