Is it disrespectful to ask your girlfriend for nude photos?


Dear Bukky,

If the guy one is dating asks for nude pictures, does it mean the guy doesn’t love her? 

Secondly, the guy you are dating tells you almost everything he’s doing, what happens around him, girls asking him out, and every other thing that happens in his life, does it mean the guy loves you?


Dear reader,

Generally speaking, I don’t see any reason why lovers can’t sext each other. Sharing of these private, intimate photos is part of the broader concept of sexting. So in my opinion, asking for nudes is not wrong, neither is sending them.

I think it is sexy and can make your sex life more exciting that the average person’s bedroom-restricted love-making scheme. However, there are terms and conditions that I like to advise before you embark on this: make sure that you are sending them to someone you trust, and that that trust has been earned not just randomly bestowed on such person. Also be sure you really want to do it and not because you are being cajoled, threatened or forced into doing it. Crop your face out of the picture if you want to be randy but can’t be too certain of your partner’s discretion.

Whether it is disrespectful to ask for your partner’s nudes will also depend on the way you are demanding for them. If you do it nicely, it can be sexy and can be such a turn on, otherwise it may just put them off and make things unnecessarily awkward.

To know whether a man loves you or not easily ascertained. I always like to believe that when a man loves you, you will know. It is a combination of what he says about you, what he does for you and how he treats you. An isolated action cannot be used to judge the love level of a man for you, it is all part of a greater picture and that is what you must consider when you need to make a decision on whether he loves you or not.


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