Let’s Show You How Heated Eyelash Curlers Will Give You Perfect Eyelashes


how to curl eyelashes with heated curlers

Heated eyelash curlers as the name implies, are eyelash curlers that work with heat. Yep, you just read that correctly, heat! Think of it as a curling tong, but for your eyelashes.

If the sound of that makes your brows crease with worry, it is quite understandable. On a normal day, no one should feel comfortable putting anything hot near their eyes but we assure you, it is not as high-risk as it may seem. If you hadn’t heard of a heated eyelash curler or you had been considering getting one but not sure what it entails, read on to find out just what this new hot tool is about and how you can curl your eyelashes with heated curlers.

First of all, the difference between heated eyelash curlers and the traditional ones you probably already know is just the ‘heat’, which actually gives you far better results. There are two types of heated eyelash curlers and your choice should be based on the results you want.

Wand-style heated curlers

Wand-style heated curlers are perfect when you just want a smooth uplift to your lashes with a natural looking curl. They have a comb-like end that allows you to reach every lash, even the baby ones at the corner of your eyes. And this type is perfect for people with delicate lashes that fall off easily as there is no pressure to the eyelids. For best results, use mascara first before the wand-style eyelash curler.

how to curl your lashes with heated curlers

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Here’s a video by Millzladiva showing how to use it.

Clamp-style curlers

The curvature of the clamp-style curlers allows it to give more intense results in a shorter amount of time. So if you want really dramatic curled eyelashes, clamp-style curlers are your best friends. These are more beginner friendly and they work better before you use mascaras.

how to curl eyelashes with heated curlers

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Here’s a video by Sally Jo showing how to use the clamp-style heat curler

Ready to raise your lash game right away (see what we did there?) and get started with curling your eyelashes with a heated curler? You can get a wide selection here from N2,000.

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