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Short Dresses

By now, we are sure that you are aware of our never-ending lurk on the ‘gram just to bring the best style updates to you. This time, we curated a list of short dresses we found – styles that will exude just the right amount of sass!

Styles for short dresses get updated from time to time but they never go completely out of season. The reason is simple, they are quick fixes and easy to wear. Most times they are comfy and they turn out flirty no matter what style they come in. We found a few pretty options that will leave you feeling swell in them!

Frilled Mini
Short Dresses

(Photo: Instagram / The_real_chi)

If you put on a dress with these much feminine elements, trust us, you have won the day! The lightweight fabric, subtle floral print, flirty pink shade, cascading frills, and the cut-out will do all the work for you. Quite the way to make a statement if you ask us!

Wrap Mini
Short Dresses

(Photo: Instagram / Lindaosifo)

Like the first option, the details just keep making all the difference. We love how the polka dot, the cinched waist, and the sleeve pleats all come together to make a bomb combo. Such a hot number!

Illusion Mini

(Photo: Instagram / Abi_kd)

What’s better than a plain mini? A dazzle sheer overlay with asymmetrical hem. The layer creates a rich look that is hard to miss; let’s not even get into the accessories!

Flower Bomb Mini
Short Dresses

(Photo: Instagram / Fisayolonge)

This tulip print dress from Kai Collective is a winner anytime.  It is an easy switch from glam to sporty and it comes in red and purple and we can’t even decide which one we like more. What do you think? 

Animal Print Mini
Short Dresses

(Photo: Instagram / Chicamastyle)

This dress is quite unique because of its features. One of them is the chiffon fabric the animal print comes in – we almost never see the print in lightweight fabrics. This is definitely a cute choice for brunch – just don’t forget to cinch the waist!

Fit & Flare Mini
Short Dresses

(Photo: Instagram / Ekiogunbor)

The fit and flare option is best of both worlds. This option is fitted in the waist and flares down at the hem. We found plain and print options you can pick from!

Short Dresses

(Photo: Instagram / Ozinna)

To get more dress inspiration, check out more styles from Chic Ama here!

Featured image via Chicamastyle, Abi_kd, Fisayolonge




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