15-year-old Boy shows off gun before accidentally killing friend, 17 and himself (Photos)


Disturbing video footage shows a 15 year-old boy showing off a gun moments before he accidentally shot his 17 year-old friend dead then killed himself. Devin Hodges can be see brandishing the pistol in a cramped shed in Lawrenceville, Georgia, while Chad Carless poses with another firearm feet away. The Snapchat clip, obtained by MailOnline, was filmed on New Years Eve, just before Hodges accidentally shot Carless dead.

Carless succumbed to his injuries before help could arrive. That prompted his distraught killer to run into a neighboring garden and kill himself with the gun just as police arrived.

The boys’ friend Bralen Bennett was sent the Snapchat clip on New Years Eve before falling asleep, then woke up the next morning to news of the double-tragedy. He said he was ‘angry’ at his friends’ needless death, with his mom Rhonda telling MailOnline: ‘It’s is very sad. ‘My son took classes with them and he received this video just moments before the tragedy.’

Gwinnett Police Department said: ‘After multiple interviews with witnesses, detectives learned one of the males, Hodges, was showing the group a handgun when he accidentally fired a shot. ‘ The shot struck his friend, Carless, sitting next to him in the cramped shed. Carless succumbed to his injuries before help could arrive. ‘As officers were arriving on scene, Hodges was seen running between two homes, where he then took his own life with the handgun. ‘Our thoughts are with the families of both these young men.’ After Monday’s tragedy, sobbing family members were pictured hugging one another on the quiet suburban street where the shootings happened.


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